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About Sheila Garcia

Sheila Garcia was born in a small town in Kansas and grew up within a typical American, rock-solid, farming community where the favorite topics of the day were the weather and crops. She spent hours dreaming of the exciting places and people she discovered in books.

At the age of nineteen, a move to California expanded her world to include the many cultures of San Francisco. Close to her beloved Pacific Ocean, she now lives in a small village in coastal central California with her husband and their two cats.

"The genre of paranormal writing is the perfect stage for my active imagination”, she offers. “Solutions are reality based, whether they are personal or worldwide concerns. However, thinking outside the ‘norm’ is most often the path we take to these resolutions. We all need to imagine.” When asked what was the most significant act a person could do in a lifetime? She replied, “Leave the world better, even in one, small way, than how you found it upon your arrival.” She also added that this is the basis for her writing.

Ms. Garcia is presently working on her next novel and welcomes emails from readers. She is available for signings and enjoys book club talks.

Remember: ‘One person’s paranormal is another’s normal.’ Happy travels! Sheila welcomes email from readers—send her a "Hello!


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